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Spread the Message: XOXO

Laidback Luke and Ralvero have teamed up for a stellar collaboration called ‘XOXO’. With delicate vocals by the talented Ina, this track stands out in quality and originality like no other. But there is more. ‘XOXO’ contains a special message Laidback Luke and Ralvero want to share with their fans, giving this release some serious substance.

Since music possesses the power to uplift people and transcend time and space boundaries, Laidback Luke & Ralvero felt ‘XOXO’ should represent something more than just a release. Ralvero/Luke: “With such a strong message in the vocals and deep feel to it, we knew we wanted to do something big with this one. In times where people are confronted with all sorts of uncertainties, we want XOXO to create a movement of love. We hope people can really come together and share their love for music and each other.” To spread this message, the hashtag #XOMOVEMENT was created.



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